Calling For Entries For a New Logo Design

The Dirt Road Project (TDRP) is calling for entries for a new logo design.

The Dirt Road Project inspires courageous living through empowering under-served communities with hope, passion, and purpose; leads in love and reaches the broken with respect and integrity; values all human life, particularly society’s most vulnerable; and seeks to develop diversity through meaningful enterprise by embracing all peoples. 

The following are the guideline specs for the design:

Logo design needs to be sensitive in that our organization will be helping people all over the world, including the USA. The logo needs to organically include and/or be mindful of the four cornerstones of our organizations which are (a) Housing (b) Education (c) Nutrition (d) Healthcare. Without these vital parts of life, we are unable to help raise the impoverished and oppressed to a level of sustainable life. The logo may not pigeon hole TDRP into one country, territory, or cornerstone. Just like the people we help, it needs to be diverse, sustainable, hold integrity and longevity. Finally, the logo must transcend the aforementioned mission of the organization.

Logo colors must be in the either Earth Tones, Natural tones, or Muted tones.

Font usage will be at the artist desecration. However, do not present script fonts or hand drawn fonts in the logo. Font usage need to be balanced and strong.

Logo needs to include a TM and the use of our Tag Line, “Building Communities of Hope”

A typed logo pitch should be submitted with the logo drafts describing your interpretation of the logo.

Deadline for presenting drafts to the Board of Directors will be on November 9th, 2017. At that point, a few designs/finalists will be chosen, and final designs of the logos will be due by December 14th, 2017.

Questions or concerns on creative direction may be asked to Mr. Stephen Powell,, 570.594.4216.

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